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Be sure to scroll down in order to see the damndest video you will ever see.

The download can take up to 30 minutes on dial-up connections.

If you click on anything after opening this page, the download will stop.




IN MINUTES, VIDEO WILL AUTOMATICALLY START BELOW THIS LINE (as you have opened it from clicking on Stu's picture on home page.




There is no picture here at the moment.  This is a video which is in the process of loading.  It is the damndest video you will ever see!

Be sure to scroll down for 6 more photos! 

Don't click on "click on me" icon on bottom of page as it downloading.

Bring the volume up.  When it is downloaded you will hear Stu sing.

                                                               THE VIDEO WILL APPEAR ABOVE THIS LINE!


You may have not downloaded video before. Be careful here. After you click on icon, "Click on Me" don't touch anything else with your cursor or arrow on the mouse or keyboard. The downloads may take 25 minutes depending on your internet connection. This is especially true for dial-up connections. Again, don't touch anything else after "Click on Me". Sit back and wait. When you hear Stu sings, the video is open. Then, you can either touch the refresh button, or select "Refresh" from your "View" menu or you can hit the "F5" key to repeat the video.

For more information and video and songs by Stu, click on icon.

If you have not seen video #2, "That Just About Does It", touch

If you are sure you have seen #1 and #2 videos, touch





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